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Assessment looks at how aligned your people are to your objectives, so it’s important we understand your context, and you understand the Investors in People methodology.


Ready for your assessment?
You can request an assessment at any time. You may choose to be assessed immediately to benchmark your current performance and identify key areas to focus on. Most organisations aim to be assessed after they have been working with us for 3-12 months. This is where our Working with Investors in People program really helps. It is very affordable and gives you continuous support to help you improve your organisation.


Context meeting

When you request an assessment an Investors in People practitioner, who will be different from the consultant who has supported you in your journey so for, will discuss your organisation’s ambition, where you see your organization currently in relation to the Investors in People Standard, and how you would like to further improve. They will seek to fully understand your business context, ambitions and current position.


Online Assessment

Online Assessment

Who are the best people to consult about your business? Your employees. The Investors in People online assessment gives your people a voice.

step iconIIP40 online assessment.

We will support you to deploy the IIP40 question set to your workforce. The online assessment tests your organisation’s alignment against the Standard. Deployment is simple, with a variety of flexible methods available.


Onsite visit – interviews and observations

Combining hard assessment metrics with “softer” interview based data collection is at the heart of our methodology. We believe it is the best way to build a picture of performance.

step iconInterviews.

We identify key themes emerging from the assessment data collected and explore these through face to face employee meetings, observations. We gather the evidence required to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement.The number of interviews will depend on the size of your organisation and the response rate from the online assessment. The insights are guaranteed to shape your continuous improvement journey.

Your practitioner will determine your accreditation level, benchmark performance, and provide recommendations for continuous improvement and higher accreditation. The practitioner’s professional analysis integrates data sources to give a rounded view of your organisation.

Investors in People accreditation is valid for three years, and you’ll revisit your performance against the Standard with an annual touch point, to help you to keep on your continuous improvement path.


Accreditation report

The final report will analyse all the evidence collected and detail the final accreditation outcome. The report will offer you practical recommendations. This brings the results of the assessment process to life, illustrating the findings and supporting the final accreditation result with robust evidence and rationale.

step iconVerbal feedback

Your practitioner will arrange a time to discuss the outcome and recommendations.



If your organisation has achieved Investors in People accreditation, it’s time to celebrate. Share the result with your workforce and celebrate success with the recognition your organisation deserves. We will invite you to our IiP Concourse, a celebratory and good practice sharing event, where recently accredited organizations celebrate together, learn together and aim higher together.


You are also invited to be a member of our accredited community that is focused on good practice sharing and continuous improvement. We also encourage and support our accredited organizations to apply for the annual awards that are help in London, and attended by Investors in People organizations across the world. This year the deadline for applications is June 2 2017, and the awards night will be in November. You can find all the information about the awards and the categories at:




For more information on working towards accreditation contact us.