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Q: What is Investors in People? 
A: Investors in People is the Standard for people management.

Since 1991 Investors in People has set the standard for better leadership and people management. It is an internationally recognised accreditation, held by over 14,000 organisations across the world. The Standard defines what it takes to lead, support and manage people well for sustainable organizational results.

It is based on 25 years of leading practice, and underpinned by a rigorous assessment methodology and a framework which reflects the  latest workplace trends, essential skills and effective structures required to outperform in any industry.


Q: How do you get started?
A: If you are in the Philippines there is an Investors in People Centre who will be able to help you. Organizations in SE Asia can also contact the Philippines Centre who would then work with you in liaison with IiP International based in UK.

Investors in People Philippines can provide you with a tried and tested road map for achieving accreditation. There is a support program that provides a baseline level of support in the ‘Working with Investors in People’ Community. This includes workshops, learning events and consultation meetings all aimed at helping you to use the Investors in People Standard to assess where you are and plan and implement improvements. It’s for a very reasonable joining fee, with no obligation to become accredited if you change your mind.


Q. How long does it take

A: It depends how much you want to change in your organisation and how quickly you can put it into practice. Most organisations achieve Investors in People status within a year, many in a much shorter time. Three months is usually the minimum. We can help you analyse your current position and work out a plan and timescale.


Q: What if my organisation has multiple offices or is multinational?
A: No problem.  There are almost a thousand organisations with 1000 or more employees working with Investors in People so this is a common scenario for us. If you are an international organisation and want to work with Investors in People in more than one country, we can also link up with other Investors in People Centers in different countries and with Investors in People International.


Q: When should I be assessed?
A: We usually provide advice on when you are ready to be assessed, but ultimately the timing is up to you. You can request an assessment at any time. You may choose to be assessed immediately to benchmark your performance and identify which areas to focus on. Most organisations aim to be assessed after they’ve been working with us for 6-12 months. You can also continue in the status of ‘Working with Investors in People’ indefinitely and still keep improving your people management practices using the Investors in People Framework without every having an assessment for accreditation.


Q: What if I fail the assessment – do I get a second chance?
A: Yes. If your Assessor feels there is more work to be done, they will give detailed feedback to help you develop further and plan a re-assessment.


Q: How long will I have accreditation for?
A: Once accredited organizations have an annual review, and a full assessment every three years. We also encourage all our accredited organizations to join the Accredited Community. This is where we share good practices and debate how we can more HR forward, even beyond current thinking, so that our accredited community are always moving ahead.


Q: How much does it cost?
A: We know this is what you want to know! Because we tailor everything to your individual requirements, you’ll only ever pay for what you need. That means you get great value for money, but it also makes it difficult to give a standard answer on what it will cost.  A quick call or email to us will allow us to collect some basic information from you so that we can quickly give you a quotation. However organizations with less than 250 employees can get started for a very minimal investment of just P7000. There are small increases depending on organizational size beyond 250, but the highest amount is for organizations with 15,000 or more, and that is set at P50,000. Click contact us to go to our inquiry form if you would like us to email you information, or call you.