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We help you achieve your objectives by providing:

  • Advice – bespoke business support which gets results and boosts performance. This involves helping you create your people strategy to align to your business priorities, and how to choose the parts of our Framework most relevant to your organisation. You can do this on an individual organisation basis, or join our ‘Working With Investors in People’ program and get support through workshops and online. There are also a a range of interactive tools and resources accessible through this website.
  • Acknowledgement – of the progress you are making to continuously improve. When you have met the Standard, you are accredited as an Investors in People organisation. If you choose to go further, you can also achieve Bronze, Silver or Gold status. Alternatively you can remain in the status of Working with Investors in People without becoming accredited but still benefiting from the Investors in People Framework and support from Investors in People Philippines.
  • Access – to expert Investors in People registered consultants and a network of progressive employers. Our consultants will act as your critical friend and give you in-depth feedback so that you can keep on improving performance. Meanwhile, you will have the chance to network with a whole group of high performing, high achieving organisations.
  • Assurance – benchmarking your performance against proven world class standards. Working with Investors in People proves to potential employees, investors and customers that you mean business.


Talk to us about how the framework could be applied to your business needs and the level of accreditation you could achieve.


Take a tour – see what the Standard is all about and check how your organisation measures up with our free online tools