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Organizations can quickly and economically learn how they are matching up to the Investors in People practices by running an employee survey. It is web-based and administered by Investors in People Philippines.


The Investors in People survey is designed to help organizations:

• identify organisational strengths and areas for improvement

• plan for assessments or reviews and benchmark current practices against the IiP standard

• involve everyone in your organization Investors in People benchmarking.


Our online employee survey is based on the Investors in People standard. The report you receive will show you how you measure up and give you specific recommendations for how you can improve across a whole set of leadership and management practices.


The questionnaire is quick to answer and available in English and Filipino. You can complete it in around 15 minutes.


If you would like to know more about the survey just send us an email to or  click on the link below.


The survey is a good place to start with Investors in People as it benchmarks your current practices with the Investors in People International standard.


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