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Our vision is for all our accredited organizations to be looked up to as role models in leadership and people management, in the Philippines and globally.



We are Investors in People. We aim to inspire organizations to bring out the best in people. Because good people make a great business.


The talents of the Philippines workforce are worth trillions of dollars.

Making the most of the people that drive every organization forward would boost ambition nationwide and create a brighter future for us all.

It’s a bold goal, driven by a simple idea. People are the engine of success for responsible, sustainable and profitable businesses  and effective organizations. People can change the world, if they are given the support they need.

At Investors in People we want to be part of changing the world – working together to build the agile, connected, empowered workforce today that will make a difference tomorrow.



We have four core values

Be crazy about quality

We know we will never be perfect, but we will keep trying to improve everything we do all the time.

Learn every day

We want to learn every day so that we reach our potential and offer more

Care about each other

We believe in a caring environment at work, where we all help each other and care about everyone’s wellbeing

Be real

We believe in being open, honest and straightforward, with everyone being their own unique person