meet the pathways to agility!

The Seven Pathways to Agility is a simple guide organizations can use to navigate highly disruptive environments. They help you assess your culture and take actions to move closer to your desired future. As you identify strengths and areas for improvement in each pathway, you will be able to see your way forward more clearly.

The Seven Pathways to Agility is backed up by the good practices of the Investors in People Standard. They complement each other and

serve as an accelerator in a journey to become high performing.

According to Gerry Plana, “We cannot survive in our present disruptive environment if our organization stays on the left side of the pathways. To thrive, we have to undertake a journey towards the right side without totally abandoning the left. Our journey to excellence should integrate the best of the left and the right-side concepts so that we can get to our desired future.”